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Personen, die sich gemeinsam für ein Ende von FGMC einsetzen.
[Translate to English:] Illustration: Petra Schmid - Les Graphistes, Bern

People in Switzerland are campaigning with huge effort for an end to female genital mutilation: Multipliers, experts and organisations. Since 2018, we have featured a larger article in each newsletter. Now we would like to give these contributions and stories more visibility and recognition in the STORIES.

In addition to new stories, which will be published two to three times a year from now on, we will also be publishing all stories since 2018 retroactively here. They are both informative and entertaining. The STORIES are edited and published by the sponsors of the Network Against Female Genital Mutilation Switzerland.

For example, there is Omayma El Tahir, a multiplier who does important work in the field of prevention on the one hand and, on the other, imparts knowledge about the needs and circumstances in the communities to specialists in the Network against Female Genital Mutilation Switzerland.  

There was an exhibition on intimacy in Geneva in 2021, which also addressed FGM/C. There was also the first court judgement in 2019, which convicted a woman for the first time under Article 124 of the Swiss Criminal Code for female genital mutilation and prompted the network to take a stand. The topic of men's work in FGM/C prevention also prompted us to write a detailed article in the newsletter in 2022. We also publish case studies in the stories, for example on the topic of child endangerment.

Experts develop basic principles, such as the 2023 recommendations for healthcare professionals, which the network helped to shape and which we also discussed in a newsletter article.

We are now publishing all of these articles in the STORIES and invite you to browse through them and look back at the many well-founded, valuable articles that have been written since 2018. And: stay tuned for future stories - there are two to three contributions per year.

We would like to thank all previous contributors, namely Marisa Birri, Nadja Bisang, Christina Hausammann, Omayma El Tahir, Monica Somacal, Denise Schwegler, Abshira Mahamed, Dr Céline Brockmann, Dr Jasmine Abdulcadir, Nasteha Salah, Simone Giger and Fatima Khatir. (The order of the names is arbitrary).


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